Selected Essays

Someone Else’s Dream House. On losing a home, staying put until it kills you, Mt. St. Helens, and what Gaston Bachelard has to say about loving a garret. Published by The Gettysburg Review.

The Survivor’s Guide to Kerouac Country. On touring while female, hating Jack Kerouac, and what country music taught me about being an artist. Published by Moss.

The Loudproof Room. On listening through hearing loss. Published by the New England Review and anthologized in Best American Essays 2015, edited by Ariel Levy.

The Unsealed Ear. A follow up to “The Loudproof Room.” Faith healing, western medicine, and what miracles might sound like. Published by the New England Review.

Twenty Three Pieces of the Sunset Bowl. On gentrification, bowling, grouchy neighbors, and other civic mysteries. Published by The Rumpus and anthologized in Ghosts of Seattle Past, edited by Jaimee Garbacik.

C: Cherry (from the Book of Difficult Fruit). On cherries and their pits, almond extract and cyanide, and other edible poisons. Published by Catapult.

Pop Therapy: A Playlist. Why should we be glad to be unhappy? To remember, we listen to music. Published by Hobart.