A Commonplace Book of Pie

“[Lebo’s] language…is simultaneously accessible and elevated, lush, dense and funny, filled with knowing winks and the sparkle of shared experience.” City Arts Magazine

A mix of prose poems, fantasy zodiac, and humor, A Commonplace Book of Pie considers the real and imagined relationships between pie and those who love it.

Expanding on Kate Lebo’s successful chapbook of the same name, this volume includes new poems as well as more than two dozen Americana-themed illustrations by artist Jessica Lynn Bonin. Bonin’s art adds a sense of nostalgia alongside Lebo’s modern style, and together with the text, puts pie and the art of baking in a fresh, contemporary context.

The second edition, released in 2015, includes more illustrations from Jessica Lynn Bonin and a new introduction from Kate. Find it at Indiebound.com.

“How is a banana like a push-up bra? What’s the best way to thicken a berry filling? This book is the answer to the prayers of pie-lovers everywhere. Both whimsical and practical, it will charm your pants off — and your apron on. I’m giving it to all my friends!” Kim Addonizio, author of Ordinary Genius
“…a modest and charming little paean to pies’ qualities both edible and ineffable.” USA Today
“…readers will be hard-pressed to know whether this book belongs in the kitchen for the recipes or on the coffee table for the illustrations and poems. Charming to read in either spot, A Commonplace Book of Pie is anything but commonplace.” –Shelf Awareness, starred review