Pie Stand


I’ve teamed up with Urban Eden Farm to host popup sales of my world famous pies & preserves!

Catch me next at their CSA pickup on Tuesday, August 4 from 3:30 to 6 pm. 2121 S Cherry Street in Spokane.

I make all my food with super-local, super-fresh ingredients, following recipes from my cookbook Pie School and my upcoming release The Book of Difficult Fruit.

Quantities are small batch and limited. Order in advance by emailing kate.lebo@gmail.com.

I’ll donate 20% of my profits from this Pie Stand to the scholarship fund for Quillisascut Farm School for Chefs of Color, a workshop designed for communities of color that helps bridge gaps in education around food and farming theory and practices.

August menu – pick up August 4

My pie crusts are all-butter unless you request a vegan crust.

Pie – $30

Apricot + Vanilla Chèvre Pie with Almond Crumble SOLD OUT
Maple Bluebarb Pie with Oat Crumble (blueberries, rhubarb) SOLD OUT
Gravenstein Apple + Blackberry Galette SOLD OUT


Strawberry and Red Currant Jam (8 oz) – $10 SOLD OUT
Apricot Jam with Yuzucello (8 oz) – $9 SOLD OUT
Apricot Jam (plain) (8 oz) – $8 SOLD OUT
Rhubarb Rosemary Jam (8 oz) – $8 SOLD OUT

Black Walnut Jelly (4 oz) – $5
Juniper Jelly (4 oz) – $5 SOLD OUT

Sauerkraut (16 oz) – $9 SOLD OUT
Cabbage Kimchi (16 oz) – $9
Radish Kimchi (16 oz) – $10


Farmer Cheese – goat or cow, plain or with smoked paprika – $20/pound, 4 or 8 oz packages available (anticipate a $5 to $10 wedge of cheese)

Curado – cow – $24/pound, 4 or 8 oz packages available (anticipate a $6 to $12 wedge of cheese) SOLD OUT

Chèvre (8 oz) – $8 SOLD OUT

Gooseberry Cheese (4 oz) – $5 SOLD OUT

Very Important Questions You Might Have

How do I buy these amazing pies, preserves, and cheeses?

Email kate.lebo@gmail.com with your order by noon, August 3. Pick up your order from me at Urban Eden Farm between 3:30 pm and 6 pm on August 4.

What are you doing to ensure customer safety during the COVID pandemic?

All pies will be frozen for you to bake yourself at home. All jams have been pasteurized and are shelf stable for at least 12 months. My cheese is a raw product (and so much tastier that way) prepared in sanitary conditions, packaged for you in plastic while wearing gloves. When you come pick your food up, I’ll be wearing a mask and will maintain at least 6 feet of distance from each customer. I expect you to wear a mask too. I’ll accept cash or check only at pickup, no need to touch a register.

How do I bake my pie?

I’ll include detailed instructions to ensure complete success.

What is farmer cheese and curado?

As taught to me by Lora Lea Misterly of the Quillisascut Cheese Company, farmer cheese is a fresh-curd cheese that’s often aged before consumption. When made with goat milk has a firm but creamy, almost crumbly texture that will become more crumbly as it ages. When made with cow milk, farmer cheese is softer and creamier, more likely to smear than crumble. Both have a tangy, creamy, old-fashioned flavor that’s pretty much impossible to find in stores–except for Main Market, which sells Quillisascut Cheese.

Curado is made by cooking the cheese curds and pressing them. Goat curado will be hard and savory like a manchego cheese. Cow curado will be equally firm. It has more of a tang, and might remind you of cheddar cheese.

When Lora Lea makes these cheeses, they are considered farmstead cheeses. I make them in my kitchen in Spokane, and we’re still trying to figure out what to call them. City-stead cheese?

I source my milk from a farm near Cheney. Stored in their vaccuum-sealed plastic in the fridge, these cheeses keep indefinitely and change as they age. Once opened, they should be consumed within a couple weeks.

What is black walnut jelly?

Made from immature black and English walnuts sourced from Quillisascut Farm and my neighbor’s trees, this jelly’s flavors will resemble nocino, a traditional Italian digestif made with black walnuts and spices. Nocino is supposed to be a Christmastime treat, but you can eat this jelly with chèvre now.

What is juniper jelly?

This is a favorite recipe from my next book, The Book of Difficult Fruit. Flecks of juniper suspended in an apple jelly make a sweet/savory spread that’s great with cured meats and cheeses. Try it on your next picnic sandwich.

Cheese can be made from gooseberries?

Yes, but not the cheese you’re thinking of. This cheese is completely fruit-based, cooked into a firm preserve you’ll cut from the jar. Exactly like membrillo, but made with gooseberries sourced from Northwest Wild Foods.

Do you ship?

No, sorry. This sale is for Spokane locals only. But you can grab a copy of Pie School and make your own pies wherever you live.

Who are you and why would I want to buy your pie/preserves/cheese?

I’m a writer, pie lady, and one-half of the duo who brings you the Pie & Whiskey reading series at Get Lit!, Spokane’s literary festival. I’m known for extremely delicious fruit pies and for Pie School, my cookbook and traveling pie academy. Through the Washington Center for Cultural Traditions, I’m an apprenticed cheesemaker to Lora Lea Misterly of Quillisascut Farm. My next book is a collection of nonfiction with recipes called The Book of Difficult Fruit, out April 2021 from FSG and Picador.

I’m interested in how heritage cooking practices can be adapted to everyday kitchens. Through recording these practices in cookbooks, practicing them in my own kitchen in sustainable ways, and selling the products to you at affordable prices, I hope to help keep old-school flavors alive.